Full Cone
Full cone spray patterns produce a full round spray pattern with an even distribution. The spray is divided over a large area, resulting in a low impact rinse.

Full cone patterns are created in a few different methods, the most common one is by using an insert inside the nozzle to create a swirling action, as in our “S” series. Alternatively, a full cone pattern can also be achieved by deflecting a stream of water off a tapered spiral, like our YS series.

Full cone nozzles are mostly used in applications where a rinse of a stationary target is required, such as printed circuit board etching. Typical applications may also include washing, chemical processing, casting, scrubbing and pollution control.

Includes only the nozzle tip for connecting to and already mounted z-body.

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Includes nozzle tip and z-body for threading into a threaded connection.

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