Technical Assistance

Chemicals, heat, abrasion and damage from cleaning can affect part performance. Choose the right part for the job, and treat them right – with help from our engineers and technical specialists.

Spray Nozzle Purchasing Guide

Spray Nozzles are used for a wide variety of liquid and air applications, including washing, drying, coating, humidifying and lubricating. This guide will explain everything you need to know before ordering a spray nozzle for the first time, including recommended materials, flowrate, spray patterns and more.

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Tank Mixing Eductor Purchasing Guide

Tank Mixing Eductors are used inside a tank for mixing, blending, suspending, sweeping, steam sparging and aerating. This guide will help explain how you can make the most of your tank mixing applications using BEX eductors.

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Air Atomizer Purchasing Guide

Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles use compressed air (or gas) to produce an accurately controller liquid dispersion in applications where a conventional liquid spray nozzle would not be suitable. Typically used for humidification, air pollution control, coating processes, lubrication and more.

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Solutions to fix the most common problems with spraying and mixing applications.

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Frequently asked questions about our products and how to order.

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