Our Mission

To make quality industrial products, at competitive pricing with fast delivery.

Norm Bowen, founder of BEX

Our Story

BEX was started in 1962 with humble beginnings in a small machine shop located in Toronto, Ontario. Our goal has always been simple – to satisfy the demand for quality industrial products, delivered quickly, sold at a competitive price.

Today, BEX is a leader in the design and manufacturing of spray nozzles, tank mixing eductors, air atomizers, and countless custom parts for a variety of industrial applications.

We have grown into an international organization with offices in Canada, the United States, and Germany. We take great pride in what we have accomplished with our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility. Every product we sell is made in-house, so that we can maintain the high standard that our reputation is based on.

BEX has achieved this by endlessly pursuing innovative design, and exercising a customer-oriented business model. We have sold to almost every industry in the world, from chemical processing, to aerospace engineering, and even television and film productions.

Industry specialists from around the world rely on us for our unwavering promise to provide professional, reliable service. We commit a high level of detail to each project we are assigned, applying unparalleled industry knowledge.

Our Staff

The loyal employees at BEX have decades of experience. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about our trade since we opened our doors in 1962, and each individual has played a role in our story. Our thriving culture is sustained by valuing safety, teamwork, ambition, and efficiency.

Customer Support

Our promise to demonstrate honesty, integrity and openness with each customer is the foundation of our organization. The customer service and sales experts at BEX will go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase, offering practical solutions for any industrial application.