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BEX produces industrial products such as Spray Nozzles, Eductors, Air Atomizers, Riser Systems and countless specialized products and accessories for almost all industrial applications.

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BEX will keep you updated on your order status every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn jobs out quickly, with fast delivery all around the world. All in-stock products will ship the same day they are ordered.

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Custom Solutions for Every Application

BEX will produce custom solutions for any application. From start to finish, we can design, manufacture, test, and ship your spraying or mixing system on a schedule that works for you.

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Spray Nozzles are designed to control the rate of flow, speed, direction, mass, shape and pressure of a stream of liquid that emerges. Used for a variety of applications such as washing, misting, cooling, dust control, powder coating and more.

Tank Mixing Eductors

Tank mixing eductors are used to keep the contents of a tank mixed. They are typically connected to a recirculating pump, submersed in the contents of the tank.

K-Series Riser Assemblies

Tell us what you need and BEX will custom build risers to your specifications - complete with BEX Spray Nozzles or Eductors.


Surpassing customer expectations for over 55 years.

Founded in 1962, BEX has grown consistently over the years, always striving to become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial applications. Our staff are proud of what we have accomplished.

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