Flat Spray
Fan shaped sprays produce a narrow, straight spray with tapered edges to permit overlapping of spray patterns. This is the most common pattern for a spray nozzle. Flat fans are produced in one of two methods; making the orifice elliptical in shape (F series), or deflecting the spray off a ramp (FP or FL series).

This type of spray is most commonly used in applications where the target is moving past the spray, such as on a chain conveyor, or in a car wash. Flat fans concentrate the impact of the spray in a small area, resulting in higher impact which produces effective cleaning.

This spray pattern is typically used in parts cleaning, metal washing, foam control, asphalt spraying, car washes, dishwashers, and more.

Includes only the nozzle tip for connecting to a mounted Z-body.

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Includes nozzle tip and Z-body for threading into a threaded connection.

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